About Us

Since she was five she has dreamt of the day she would get to walk down the path,
All dolled up in her wedding dress
Taking gentle, heart pounding steps towards her groom.

And he, has wondered who his princess would be
And when he would find her for longer than he can remember.

At that moment their journey started.
That moment when they found each other
When he chose her and she chose him
Together, they felt the magic, they felt their world go round.
And, they decided to take a step forward.
Together, they chose to walk over towards the door to their happily ever after.

As you walk towards that door
As you think of the vows you will make to each other
We vow to turn your dream wedding into reality
We vow to make this, a journey of a lifetime
Your fairy tale begins with us !!

Meet the Team ...

Managing Director

Sushma Venkatesh

Managing Director, our young and dynamic head stops @ nothing less than perfection. An engineeing graduate by profession, she chose to be her own master

... A Fairy Tale Begins ...

Fairytalebegins came out of the desire to make another's fairytale come to life. From ideas to planning and actually making every single aspect of your dream wedding come to life, we've got it all covered. For us, this website is made of dreams and this is the place dreams will start to come true for you and your partner, it's a beginning of a long fairy-tale . We hope our passion to give you and your soon to-be the best beginning of this journey meets your expectations and gives you the memories you will cherish forever.